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Departments in COE


Degree Program of Engineering

  • Degree Program of Industrial Safety and Risk Management
  • Tel:+886-03-5131303

  • Degree Program of Automation and Precision Engineering
  • Tel:+886-03-03-5131303

  • Degree Program of Construction Technology and Management
  • Tel:+886-03-03-5712121

  • Degree Program of Semiconductor Material and Processing Equipment
  • Tel:+886-03-03-5712121

  • Degree Program of Environmental Technology for Sustainability
  • Tel:+886-03-03-5712121

Research Center

  • Manufacturing Automation Research Center
  • Tel:+886-03-571-2121 Ext.55104

  • Manufacturing and Thermal Fluid Engineering Research Center
  • Tel:+886-03-571-2121 Ext.55104

  • Machine Shop
  • Tel:+886-03-571-2121 Ext.55142

  • The Energy Technology and Management Research Center
  • Tel:+886-03-571-2121 Ext.55229

  • The Natural Hazard Mitigation Research Center
  • Tel:+886-03-571-2121 Ext.31575