COE Office

Dean Election Related Regulations and Documents

File NameODF Format
Appointment Letter of Election Agent
Dean Election Rules for COE
Dean Nomination Form of COE

Faculty Promotion Related Regulations and Documents

File NameODF Format
Enforcement Guidelines for Faculty Promotion of the Faculty Review Committee at COE
Evaluation Form(2014 Associate professor)
Evaluation Form(2014 Professor)
Information of Teacher for Promotion at COE
Recommended List of External Reviewers on Representative Publications
Reference List of Avoided External Reviewers on Candidate's Publications for Promotion

Other Faculty Related Regulations and Documents

File NameODF Format
Evaluation Form on Qualification and Publications of New Teachers for Appointment
Evaluation Guidelines for the Outstanding Teaching Award of COE
Guidelines for Distinguished Professor Review of COE
Guidelines of the Mechanism for Research Confidentiality,COE

Other Regulations

File NameODF Format
COE Measures of English Proficiency Assessment for
Directions for Faculty Evaluation of COE
Engineering Building 5Venue Booking Application Form
Evaluation Guidelines of Faculty Evaluation Committee,COE
Measures of Establishment of Faculty Evaluation Committee,COE
Organization Regulations of College of Engineering
Organizational Rules of Curriculum Committee at COE
Regulations on the Management of International Conference Halls at COE